Tuesday, November 3, 2009

With Honors

All of the kids got awards last quarter for Honor Roll. Ethan actually earned high honors for Honor Roll and for reaching his reading goals. Awesome mom that I am only knew of the time for Ryan's because I have a fear of kindergarteners getting "F's" in homework (Not because that has ever happened to one of my kids. Ever.) so I look in his backpack daily. Anyway, I am so proud of all my kids for working hard and staying on top of their game. Someday, I will be on top of mine!

CONGRATS...Garett, Savannah, Ethan and Ryan. Mom and Dad are so proud of you!

Funky Fashion

Last week for Activity Days, I was invited to go to a mother daughter Fashion show. We were supposed to have one funky outfit and one modest cute outfit.... yeah...uh huh. I am awesome at fashion... as long as it involves comfy jeans and a tee shirt. So anyway, we pulled out some of Garetts old jersies and did our hair funky for our funky outfit and then under our jersey wore black shirts and put on cute scarves for our cute modest outfit. It was fun to walk the runway. She wanted me to carry her down the runway for our cute outfits. She was worried that I wasn't strong enough... I have to admit I worried about my....ummm... grace. Luckily I didn't drop her. We had a great night together and Ana and Daniella Nava (Two awesomely cute and fashionable young women in our ward) came to talk to the girls about modesty and how it is easier for the spirit to be with us when we cover our bodies. I love those girls. And I love my girl. She is amazing and beautiful and pushes me to my limits... it encourages me to stretch, to be a better mom and better example. I am so blessed and lucky.

Rocko Taco and Bobo China

Rocko has been the topic of lots of conversations at our house lately. He and Ethan are best pals and so lots of songs and skits(thanks to Savannah) have been made up about how friendship can stand the test of time. Ethan is pretty sad to move to Thatcher but is excited that Rocko's grandma lives in Pima so we are guaranteed a visit every once in awhile. Last month, I took the boys to Bobo's China to eat and Rock came with us. He is always great company. I hear that boy laugh and can't help myself... I have to laugh too. We had awesome chinese food and watched creepy chinese television... some soap opera (literally singing opera) The boys had a blast and I enjoyed watching them. It was great.

Look what we can do! Aren't we awesome?

Funny Faces

Ryan was sitting next to me. This is his signature funny face.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm A BOBCAT! Booo Yeah!

I know that all my brothers and sisters thought that I was gonna blog about being a BEAVER CREEK BOBCAT... back in the day when we were "creekers"... but no! This post is about Ethan. He has loved being in Scouts. He has a goal to get his Wolf before we move... High aspirations. I love it. At the last pack meeting he got his Bobcat. They branded him with the bobcat paw and he got to "pin me." This is my favorite part of being a Cub Scout Mom. I am so proud of Ethan and his determination. Plus he was pretty brave when they branded him! I am such a great mom that I forgot my camera so special thanks to my friend Louisa Child for sending these pics!

Getting pinned... proud moment.

P.S. To those of you who have yet to be pinned by your son... it is a good idea to wear layers. Avoids awkward poking in the boob. Just sayin'...

I love this boy...

I think I was more scared than he was. He loved that he finally got to be branded. Now if he can just gear up for drinking the Wolf blood when he gets his Wolf...

Just have to add also that he has the best Den Leaders ever! Sandie and Todd Snider ROCK! He loves being in their den. They have gotten him really excited about scouts and I love that! Way to go Sniders! They are in the background of the pics with our Scout Master, Cameron Heath... a real trooper as well. Have I said that our ward rocks? I love our ward.

The Boys

So Garett is officially moved down to Thatcher... only about 6 weeks before we get there. As you can see by this picture, these two are pretty close. Garett looks up to Tyler so much. He is going to live with Tyler in an apartment behind Grandma Priscilla's house till we move to Thatcher. I told Tyler yesterday that I would be surprised if they didn't throw down before we get there. He laughed and said... "Oh, we will!" If for nothing else, it will be over cleanliness. Garett has a little of my OCD... Tyler... not so much! I am so excited that Garett is gonna get to play basketball but cannot stand the thought of not having both of the boys living with us. It is not the same without them here. I remember when Garett turned 12 and I was so excited that 2 more men in our home held the priesthood. There is a different feeling in the home when priesthood holders are there... it was wierd for me to call on someone to say the prayer this morning. Garett usually does that when Nathan is gone. SO ANYWAY... I just wanted to say that I am so thankful for my boys... They are so handsome and are turning into amazing men! I love them and am so grateful for their example to their little bros and sister. I can't wait to be together again.