Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Homemade Crayolas

My little sister Sunshine made these with her kids awhile ago and we came across some old and broken crayons. I love to peel off the wrappers and so does Ryan and so he helped me peel most of the crayons. He used his "super sharp shark teeth" to take the paper off of some of them and so before we melted them, quite a few of them had teeth marks in them. I don't know if you can see that in the pics or not but I thought it was super cute. They turned out great and the kids love them. So if you need a rainy day activity...

Peel all paper off crayons.
Break into small pieces.
Load into muffin tins... Cute shaped ones would be cool.
Bake at 200-250 till melted.
Cool and pop out of tins.

What the H*#@? Who left their toupe' on my kitchen floor?

PS... how in the h*#@ do you spell toupe'? I spell checked it and it looked like toupee... which just didn't look right and sounded like something worse than it was... anywho...

I can cut hair. With clippers. And scissors. But I HATE it. Garett begged me to cut his instead of making him go to Great Clips. This is the leftovers from the top of his head... plus a few extra scraps from the kitchen floor. We could totally clothe the top of some poor gentlemen's head... like Doug Roche :) ... (Love ya Doug) Or at the very least make an awesome Chia Pet. I told Garett that was his new name... Chia. He then proceeded to sing the song... Ch Ch Ch CHia! I can hardley look at the picture without being totally grossed out and amazed. WOW!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Londons Run 2009

I love to run. I am not very good at it but I love it. I have been training for awhile with my friend Brooke Garner to do the 10K. We went on Saturday morning and ran our first one. When we first showed up at 7am so I could register, I told Nathan that it felt a little like the State Fair, there was a DJ and food and everything and I didn't know if I was gonna like it. I was a little intimidated. But I wondered if I would feel different in the end. We finished the 6.2 miles in exactly 60 minutes! I was so proud of us for reaching our goal. Not to mention that the race itself was for such a good cause. All along the race trail, there were pictures of London and other cancer victims and their families and friends with sayings like "YOU CAN DO IT!" and "CANCER IS HARD, RUNNING IS EASY!" I have to admit I had a hard time keeping my emotions in check. It was awesome to finish the race but made me think of the fight that those kids faced. I will run this race every year. ALSO... On February 14th there is another benefit race, (I think there is a 2 mile fun run/walk, a 10k, and a 1/2 marathon) for the Bailey's. They are a family in our stake with conjoined twins. I am running in this race as well and would encourage anyone who can to come out and support this awesome family to do so. Information about the event can be found at twosisters-oneheart.blogspot.com.

Before the Race! 10K or Bust Baby!

Freezing our cajones off!

The Finish Line...

We saw it and race to cross it...

We did it! Ah... Sweet Victory!