Monday, October 26, 2009

Can you dig it?

So a group of us girls decided to dress up as roller derby girls for the ward Trunk or Treat. We are the newest Roller Derby Team... CB Derby DIvas... nevermind that only a couple of us can skate and nevermind that I only ate crap once. It was fun to dress up and to act like we could be tough if we needed to.... The highlight of the night was Cami's mohawk and her sponsored by Birkenstock shirt. I am gonna make her dress up again and get some good pics of her. Then I will post the story about her shirt... maybe. In the meantime, if anyone wants a derby shirt, sorry to confess... Coolness unfortunately can't be bought.

Sonda Bryce...Derby name... Titanic Coconuts... Lightning Bolt for intimidation sakes.

Look out! If only I could stay upright on my roller blades!

Laura (AKA Glitter Phoenix) is one of the only other people that I have met that loves fake lashes as much as I do. I wear them every Halloween. Our lashes this year had rhinestones on them.

Some of us trying to look ferocious. Derby Divas... Bambi the Bombshell, Titanic Coconuts, Hurricane Hottie, Sparklin Jade and Crushalicious.

The whole team... Glitter Phoenix, Titanic Coconuts, Hurricane Hottie, Bambi the BOmbshell, Spike D, Crushalicious and Sparklin' Jade.

Free Family Fun Night... Monday after Halloween

All Neighbors and Friends are Welcome... This is a public event. Get the word out and feel free to contact me if you have questions!

FREE FAMLY FUN NIGHT Sponsored by Carter's Angels

Come on out and ENJOY the FUN!

8 is Definitely Great!

Ethan with his best pals... Rocko Woods and Gavin Bryce. (Cart Dog is squeezin' in too!)

Aunt Aisi gave the Holy Ghost talk. Ethan and Aisi have a special relationship and so this was especially awesome to have her there. Uncle Scott was missed!

The Proud Parents... I am so thankful to have awesome men in my life...

Ethan's biggest Fan

These three were baptized together. Ethan Bryce, Hailey Garner, and Caden Anderson.
They are such good kids. I am thankful that Ethan has good friends.

Ethan was baptized on the 26th of September. It was an awesome day that I know we will never forget. We had tons of family and friends here and Ethan has been so excited for this day. Right before we left to go to the church I sat down on the side of the tub with Ethan and told him how proud I was of his decision to be baptized. I am constantly amazed by the strength of my children and the quiet understanding that they exhibit at such young ages. He is so sensitive to the spirit and I hope that he keeps that trait as he gets older. I am lucky to be his mom.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

San Tan Tri...Carter's Angels Ride Again

Today we did another tri in the name of love... for Carter. Nathan had Youth Conference and so Savannah was my transition coach. She was there at every swim lap cheering me on (even though I am pretty slow) and made sure I had my towel and stuff when I was done. She was there at the finish line and I just have to say I love my little girl. Nathan surprised me and made it to the last portion of the bike and watched me finish the race. Too bad I had to embarrass him by wiping out a couple of times and sorta (is there such a thing?) peeing my pants in the run! What a guy to hug me and love me anyway. I am the luckiest angel on the planet!