Monday, November 17, 2008

Little Kicking Bird...

Tonight, I was sitting by Ryan on his bed so that he would think about maybe sleeping in his own bed when Ethan whispered..."Mom? Mom? Am I Native American?" To which I smiled and quickly answered "Nope." Ethan countered with, "Darn it."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My life flashed before my eyes...

Nathan said that his life did not flash before his eyes, but that is the experience that I had when I got the call from Rural Metro Fire Dept. that my husband had been in an accident. It was not Nathan's fault and he is doing better every day... just has a bad case of whiplash and a sore knee. The bump on his head makes it hard to wear a hat... the point is... I am so thankful that he is ok. All I could think about on the way to the ER is "what am I gonna do if he is not ok?" I cannot imagine my life without him in it. It made me so thankful that I had a rare "nice day" the day of the wreck. We had taken Ryan golfing and just enjoyed each others company. Made me think that I should have more of those nice days. Poor Nathan! As it is, we are gonna be a one car family for awhile.

Shoulder Surgery

Tyler just had surgery on his shoulder about a month ago for a labrum tear. He told Nathan and I before the surgery that he would be doing push ups afterwards. Here he is before going under all egotistical and such...

Here he is after waking up. I almost didn't take a picture but wanted to prove that we are all human with limitations. He was a champ and is recovering nicely. Still no pushups though!

Ty has been through alot this year and we are so glad that the surgery went well. We love you buddy!

Monkeying Around...

Mom and Dad have this huge monkey laying around the house that the grandkids love to play with. Chelsea found Tyler all snuggled up to it and couldn't resist taking a pic. I am sure he is gonna kill me when he sees this but it was too funny to pass up.

Nifty Sixty...

Nathan's dad just turned 60 this past month. We all went to Thatcher to celebrate and do some of the things that Brooks loves to do. We spent the weekend making sugar cookies, shooting guns, looking for rocks out in the hills and cooking out, riding the rail and enjoying each others company. There are few people that I admire as much as my father in law. If I am able to adopt his tolerance and patience as a parent, I will feel like an accomplished adult. Maybe it will happen by osmosis since Nathan possesses those same qualities. I keep telling Brooks that the more time I spend around him, the more I see his qualities in Nathan. Especially his "sense of humor". We love you Dad and are so thankful for all you do for us!

When all the kids are looking for rocks, the boys will test their swing and play "baseball" with an old shovel handle. I was proud this last time that we were there when Nathan "broke the bat"

Randy and Jenni on a four wheeler ride!

All the kids checkin out Grandpa's rock collection. Ethan is an avid rock collector and thought this was pretty stinkin cool!

Every time we go home, the boys talk mom into baking something. Sugar cookies is not her favorite thing to make cuz she usually ends up doing them by herself. But because they are Dad's favorite and because all of the boys were willing to help, she did it. I don't think I ever see her happier than when her family is together.

We were crackin up becuz the last time we were home we went to church in mom and dad's ward. Alan went with us and had a toothpick in his mouth the whole time... well except during the sacrament. If you look close in this picture you can see the toothpick in his mouth. He is so funny!

Mexico is always a blast! It is even better to take someone for their first time. Devin and Chelsea and their little girl Tyla had never been and so we got to stay in Chelsea's aunts condo. Could it get more confusing? Anyway... long story short it was really hot and we had to come home early but it was still super fun!

Sisters Day Out

We came home from Mexico early so Nathan and Devin let Chelsea and I go for the day to do some shopping and hanging out together. We got pedis and had lunch with Chelsea's little sis, Shawnee. I am so glad that my sis in laws are my friends too. I love Chelsea and am so thankful that she puts up with me. There are days that I would not make it through were it not for her! Love ya Chels. This day was a blast!

8 years and counting...

I don't want to get all mushy and stuff, but in light of a few conversations that I have had lately and the state of affairs of some people in the world, I have to say how thankful I am for the second chance that I was given when I met Nathan. Our marriage has not been without its struggles and trials, but we have made it through and somehow there are certain times during each day when I wonder how in the world I got so lucky. He has put up with me this long, I pray that I can give him a few good reasons to stick around for at least 8 more years... hopefully longer!