Sunday, January 6, 2008

Calling CPS!?!?!?

Ok.... So Patrick McCabe requested these photos.... No woman in their right mind would advertise what a crappy babysitter she is... However, I cannot wait to see a pic of Cami in her onesie pj's! So here is the story. I am a self professed crappy babysitter. I can bring you dinner, scrub your toilet... whatever. But when it comes to kids, I am pretty laid back.... I just let the kids play and hope that the mess doesn't take too long to clean up and that no one is bleeding when it is done. There was one afternoon(Literally 2 hours) that Cami needed help with the boys. This is where her son ended up! I should be embarrassed but only because the cat is out of the bag about where the Bryce kids like to go swimming. I don't think that Jacob liked it too much! Thankfully the toilet was clean, well at least there were no floaters and he cleaned up nicely. No bleeding. Swimming anyone?