Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tis the Season...

We spent Thanksgiving in Thatcher this year with Nathan's family. If you haven't noticed by now, my camera died.. therefore, no pics and no posts. However, I did change the background on my blog and wanted to take a minute to say... I AM BLESSED. I don't know if it was the emotion carry over from watching Twilight the night before Turkey day or what, but after I ran my own personal Turkey Trot :) I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for my husband. I try not to brag on him too much on the blog cuz than you would want to bite his neck too...:) On a more serious note, he is so good to me and puts up with so much! He is amazing with the kids and really tries to make sure that I am happy. I LOVE YOU NATHAN!

We also had the chance to take some family pics together while we were with Tyler. (Thank you, thank you to Aunt Jenni!) When she was done, I totally lost it. It seems like every time that we are all together now, I just feel so thankful for my kids and husband and I miss the crap out of Tyler! The kids and Nathan and I could hardly get a good pic because we were laughing and messing around so much! There is nothing that brings me more happiness than being with my kids and seeing them happy. It makes me so thankful for the gospel, for the reality of forever families. Because what can I say... we are a pretty fun crew! Forever is going to be a blast! I will post more pics of the family later! There are some freakin hilarious ones!