Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's the simple things...

I have always been a simple girl... I think it is a good thing. I have been needing a break for a while and today, I got to take a day and just do some "shopping" :) with my friend Laura Woods and go to lunch while Micah kept the kids. I have a new attitude tonight and Laura is probably so exhausted cuz I never shut up the whole time. It was like I hadn't had adult interaction for way too long.It was great and just what I needed. The chic makes me laugh and is just a down to earth girl. What more could you want! I had a great time and a huge thanks to Micah for keeping Ryan!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Go Bulldogs! RRRUFFF!

So the last month has been pretty crazy at our house. Tyler went in to the Ear, nose and throat doc to have some scar tissue removed from his nose. While he was under anesthesia during surgery, the anesthesiologist noticed that he was having abnormal heart rythms and recommended that we see a cardiologist. To make a long story short, Tyler has been attending football practice and watching... not participating for the last three weeks hoping that after he saw the cardiologist, he would be cleared to play football and whatever other sports he chooses to play this year. It has been emotional and hard to see Tyler face this challenge in his life. We have felt the strength of family and friends as they have prayed and asked how he was doing and expressed concern on his behalf. I am thankful to say tonight that he has been cleared for sports and that although he does have a condition called Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome (WPW) it is a mild case and can be corrected with surgery. We will probably look into doing the surgery during the summer but are mostly so relieved and thankful that he is ok. There is nothing like not knowing what is wrong with your child. It is even more frustrating to not know at times how to comfort and help him. Tyler has grown spiritually so much in the past month. We are so proud of him and thankful for the strength of his spirit. We are thankful for friends and family who have supported and loved us through all of the challenges we have faced. It has lessened the burden and made it bearable. So, on behalf of Tyler and his entire family... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! In honor of him being cleared for football, we typed this post in his school colors. GO BULLDOGS! XOXO

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Everyone is FINALLY in school! YEAH!!!!

On Wednesday, Savannah and Garett finally joined Tyler and Ethan and started school. With the kids attending 3 different schools, the schedules this year look to be a little hectic. But for the mean time, Ryan and I are enjoying our time home by ourselves. We have started an "I Spy" book and hope to finish it by week end. We have also made cookies and taken some freakin awesome naps. I am loving being home with him and it has been a reality check that my kids are almost all in school and grown up. I am so proud of the smart little terds! Savannah wanted her hair cut short the night before school started. We think she looks like the girl from "Because of Winn Dixie" What a cutie!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

California Dreamin'

I have to start off by saying I took this pic! Virtual high five to me eh?
In June, we were invited to go to San Diego with the Rubalcava Family. Nathan works with TJ and they have been talking about it for a couple of years. We finally just decided to do it and it was definitely worth it as you can see by this picture. It was a fun trip and a new experience as we have never been to the San Diego beaches as a family. We were able to stay at San Elijo State Beach and also went to Solana and La Jolla Beaches while we were there. We had great food, freakin' hilarious entertainment :) Karen,you may not have won the FHE burping contest, but your entry was one I will never forget... and overall a great time. We were thankful for the invite and for time to get to know this awesome family better. Great time, great memories and a huge desire to go back in the future!

Nothin' like good friends and good weather

Nathan and TJ in the water trying to snorkle. Real men don't wear wetsuits... JK TJ!

Sonda and Nathan in California

Tiffany with Ryan and Timmy

Tyler and Dallyn

Vanessa, Maura and Timmy

Just say no... or smile and say "Oh yes!"

I have said before that one of the ways to tell if we are really on the beach is to look for Ethan's crack hangin out. This is actually Ryan's crack. I figure that there are more meaningful traits that Ethan could hand down to his brother but this one is so dang cute. Patrick Seekins... the "Oh yes" in the title was just for you! :) We miss you!


Down at the beach one day, we all decided to bury Tyler. Then it sounded like a good idea to make him a mermaid with boobs. The outcome was pretty scary! But the seaweed and kelp skirt rocked. These are pics of the construction of the merman with tata's and the final masterpiece.

San Diego Beach Buddies

Ryan, Timmy and Ethan had so much fun hangin' out. We were camped at the bottom of a little hill and Ethan got this great idea to sit in the back of Ryan's Tonka dump truck and ride down the hill. Needless to say there were a few crash and burns... not enough to stop em though.
It was hard to convince them to stop because it was quite entertaining... for them and us. :)

No place I'd rather be...

No place like the beach... Mexico, California, I don't care... Give it to me baby!

"Rose Mouth" hotties in California

A long time ago, we all watched the movie "Gone with the Wind" and the kids named it "Rose Mouth" because of the pic on the front of the movie I guess. Not quite sure why they call it rose mouth, but I thought these pics were funny. Don't you wish your husband was hot like mine? Don't cha? Don't cha?

Restin' at the rest stop...

My four handsome boys posing at the rest stop

We stopped on the way to San Diego at this cool rest stop to take a break. The boys were not thrilled to pose but it was a good break in the drive.

Ethan posing in the tree trying not to look scared

Ryan chillin in the tree

Tyler "hangin" out