Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Highway Robbery...

like for realsies! We went this past weekend to spend a couple of days in Mesa before the football playoff game that Tyler and Garett were going to play in on Saturday. On the way there, we stopped at Devils Canyon and got out. Nathan is always telling us that there used to be a cool campground back there and that they closed it off because the pull off was so dangerous. Well we took some cool pictures and only spent about 10 or 15 minutes there....and left all our clothes bags, my new Uggs and Nathan's laptop in the bed of the truck! I know right? Not too smart. Needless to say, when we returned, the laptop and the kids clothes bag... GONE! Consider this a lesson learned! Savannah, Ethan and Ryan were pretty sad because their Friday Night Thatcher Eagle Football shirts with Tylers name and number on the back were stolen as well as Savannah's favorite lime green converse! I guess at least no one was hurt and we were still able to enjoy our weekend. (Pictures to follow later...)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Twilight Canyon with the Jensens

Over the summer I invited everyone I knew to come and go camping with us up on Mt. Graham for a week. The only fools who took the bait were the Jensens! What an amazing time we had. We read books, played games, watched movies outside, took hikes, played in the water at Snow Flat...Oops...and played lots of badminton. It was a total blast and I hope we can do it again!

The big kids in the raft at snow flat.

My budding photographer friend Hannah posed these pictures of me. She would tell me how to make my face and hold my hair...BEAUTIFUL...or something!

Goofy Girls... Hannah and Mariah

Ryan and Hannah...making goofy faces...

Ryan taking a go at making "crazy eyes..."

Hannah takes the cake for the CRAZY EYES face!

Zo and Tommy... looking thoughtful...

Riah and Jane

I do love me some girls who are not afraid to make musties! BOO YA!

Nathan taking a leap...

And Bowen...

And Ethan...

Ranger Rides

Ryan gets his crush Lexi some flowers. So sweet!

Before our hike...

Tommy with the biggest wishing dandelion EVER!

It is amazing how many people you can fit into a Ranger! We did some fun geo caching and discovered some awesome trails! What a blast!

Eat more Chicken...

Can I just say this cow was a perv...thank goodness Garett was there to kick him in the udder if he got too inappropriate! This cow had wandering and very strong hooves...who woulda thought?

I fought the dog and the dog won...

So my top 3 scary things:
1. Dogs
2. Mice
3. Snakes

I had not been running in a while and had had a particularly bad day. So I decided to take it to the pavement. The run was great until this piece of crap dog came out and bit the shiz out of my calf while I was running. Luckily I finished my run and the dog ended up being quarantined for a week, just to make sure I wouldn't end up rabid. Lets just say...faced my fear. Next time, I will kick him right in the baby maker.

Traditions from the past

One of the Bryce traditions I love best is getting everyone together and bundling up warm so we can pile in the back of Grandpa's truck and go look at Christmas lights. It is so much fun...freezing, which I hate, but it is a blast! Here we are last year!

The crew

Me and sis

Ryan found this hat at Grandma's house and thought it was awesome! I thought he looked so cute!

Grandma and the big boys

Nathan and Tyler... so sentimental!

Can you tell that Savannah likes to be cold as much as I do?? :)


Me and my sista Chelsea

Nathan and Ethan

The crew



Central Ward Primary Christmas Program 2009

So these are pics from last year. It was so nice to move here and immediately have something for the kids to be involved in and feel like part of the ward. It was a blast and totally cute! Now I have the privelege of being in charge of fitting all the primary kids for their costumes this year! AWESOME! I will let you know how it goes!

Savannah and Christianna little...ummm yeah...Angel! :) She was thrilled to have her picture taken!

Two cute shepherds and one "sweet" angel!

The boys with their buddy Javan!

This time last year...

my house in Queen Creek was virtually empty and we were having a blast partyin' it up every weekend. Looking back, I should have been worried that people were having parties because we were any rate, it was a great time to visit with friends and the kids were free to run wild. Needless to say, I did not take these pics. So fun! Great times, great friends, great memories!

Box Airplane

When we first moved here, we were all a little blue. I thought it was awesome that the boys found happiness in the little things. Like how our super big boxes made awesome forts, airplanes, sleeping fortresses, cars.... you name it, they invented it! Oh to be young and inventive again!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For Real?

So I had to laugh as I was getting ready to have a "blogapalooza" and upload all my pics from the last year. I found these of Ryan and I don't think I posted about them before. Made me laugh that he had a cut on the same eye as Ethan did a while ago. I think we were visiting for the holidays last year when this happened. What are the odds right? All I know is they must have one heck of a mom!

Monday, May 10, 2010

"Ummm Mom...."

Any story that starts with those words, I only really half listen to. I know that might make me a crappy mom. On Friday morning, with one eye open, I was washing dishes, making lunches and trying to encourage the little boys to hurry and get dressed after their shower. Then, Ryan comes out of my room and starts with "Umm Mom..." and proceeds to tell this elaborate story. As I said before, I was only half listening until at the end of the story I hear "...and then there was blood..." I don't know what else he said. I walked into my room where Ethan was sitting on the floor in his skivies with his eye all bloody and it was dripping onto his leg. Ryan is giving me this really sad look and he too is only in his skivies. So I tell him to tell me what happened. Long story short...Ryan is laying on the ground, Ethan steps on his leg and tells him if he wants him to get off, to yank his arm as hard as he can. So he does and pulls Ethan right into the corner of my bed. KerSplit!

So I tell Ryan to go get his clothes on and then get Nathan out of the shower to look at Ethans eye. Nathan has to go to work and so we get Ryan and Savannah on the bus and head to the ER. 2 hours and a day off school with a McDonalds breakfast is Ethan!

Such a sad face, but I think he would take a split eye for a day of Xbox and take out any day of the week. Gotta love raising boys!