Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am, I am... I think I am...

Do you remember that song from Nacho Libre??? I love that song. I saw this post on my friend Laura's blog and thought it would be fun to do it.

I am: a night owl
I think: family should always come first
I know: that sometimes it would be better for me to not say anything at all
I want: to start running again
I have: great family and friends
I wish: I took the time to enjoy each moment
I hate: stinky things
I miss: my sisters who live far away
I fear: getting the crap beat out of me by some random person cuz I like to flip the bird
I feel: like chicken tonite! JK My real answer is HAPPY...tired but happy
I hear: our dog Slim snoring. It makes me not miss Nathan so much! :)
I smell: Lemon Lavender Scentsy! YUM!
I crave: Dark Chocolate and a mango on the beach
I search: for new cleaning products that smell good
I wonder: if I am ok mentally
I regret: I had to agree with Laura on this one...Saying stupid things trying to be funny
I love: my husband and kids and a good hard workout (sit ups included!)
I care: about sticking to my convictions
I always: tap the top of the soda can before opening it.
I am not: a fluent speaker of the Spanish language, but I wanna be.
I believe: in second chances
I dance: terribly, but do it anyway cuz it makes me happy
I sing: to the radio and turn it up loud
I don't always: flush the toilet... only pee and only if Nathan is sleeping.
I fight: cuz it is fun! I do like a good argument.
I write: lists, cuz I like to check things off. It makes me feel productive.
I lose: My temper about once a month for a week straight...weird
I win: when it means the least.
I never: watch the news
I listen: to everything! I have sensitive ears so I am a really light sleeper.
I can usually be found: at home or on the beach! I know I am LUCKY!
I am scared: of big bodies of water
I am happy about: life! naps, kids starting school, having Garett back home, less than 2 weeks till Savannah gets home, hot fudge sundaes and good friends! I LOVE MY LIFE!

Back to School

Here are the kids on the first day of school. They started pretty early this year. We moved them to the school across the street and are hoping for a great year. Ethan is so excited that Garett and Savannah will be at his school. Savannah is still in TX with her dad but we will post pics of her first day when she returns. Ryan posed for his own school picture too. I think he thought it was funny to hide. We will just have to call him Waldo.

My favorite song right now...

SO I am behind on posting and I didn't post about mothers day. Let me just say this... There is something so rewarding about having people who know you... I mean really know you. I had been looking for new running shoes for several months and had not found any that fit all the specifications. Nathan came home with these...

and they were better than any shoes I would have picked out! I LOVE THEM!

Then, Priscilla, Ron and Jacki sent me flowers on Mothers Day. This is the boquet they sent.

So the thing is, TULIPS are my FAVORITE! It is nice to know that someone remebers my favorite things. And it is nice to be appreciated. I love being a mom for 6 huge reasons...

1. Tyler
2. Garett
3. Savannah
4. Ethan
5. Ryan
6. The man and the process that made me a mother... AKA NATHAN!

I have my own mother to thank for the fact that I enjoy being a stay at home mom. She was the best at it. She can make a mean loaf of homemade bread! There was never a doubt in my mind that she knew me and loved me just the way I was. I love her more than anything and hope that when I grow up... I can be just like her. So a few days late... (as usual) Happy Mothers Day Monsie! I LOVE YOU! XOXO

Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy little beavers...

yep that's us! We have been so busy and have had no time to post. So make sure you go back about 20 pages to see what we have been up to! MUCH LOVE....

Tribute to Tyler

Can you tell that he took this picture of himself? He is so amused!

So I have debated about whether or not to blog about this because even though it is pretty much public knowledge that Tyler is moving to Thatcher, it is just a really emotional subject for me. But by his leaving, there are so many aspects of my life that will change that I felt I had to at least try to put into words some of the things that my heart feels when I hear his name...

Little Shit is probably the first words that I think of. :) Tyler and I have really been through the ringer. We are so much alike and sometimes, that makes communicating very difficult. But for the past 8 years, he has been so patient with me as I learn how to be a parent. And despite the fact that we have gone head to head more than once, (thank goodness for door locks) when all is said and done, we have learned that "step mom" and "step son" have no place in our vocabulary. I love Tyler like my own flesh and blood and he pretty much has a personal space in my heart.

I love that Tyler loves life. He lives his life to the fullest taking "no prisoners of regret" as my dad would say. He looks at his mistakes as a means of making him a better person. I love to see him smile and the way that he kind of wrinkles his face when he laughs really hard. He's got a great smile that is contagious and warm. And any of you that know Tyler know that he is funnier than hell. Sometimes inappropriate, but that must be why I secretly love his sense of humor!

He is an AWESOME athlete! It is so fun to watch him play football, basketball, whatever because he makes it look so easy. He has natural ability like his dad and a temper like... well like Tyler! Maybe he got my temper through osmosis!

Tyler's younger siblings love him! He doesn't ever have to say much to them but they are on cloud nine when he compliments them or spends time with them. I can't even talk about the look on Ethan's face today when he realized that Tyler might not ever move back. BROKE MY HEART!

Some of the most spiritual experiences I have had have come as I have prayed about Tyler or fasted as he had gone through struggles. The day that he recognizes his spiritual greatness and his capabilities ... WOW! He teaches me through his example and reminds me that we don't stop making mistakes just because we "grow up"

Basically, in a nutshell, I LOVE THIS BOY! I love my other children too, but I don't think I was prepared for the emptiness I would feel at his being gone. There were days that I wished for distance and space between us. Now that it is here, I don't know what to do with the silence. Between the both of us, it was rarely quiet. Enter Savannah into the equation and you got a whole lot of noise. I guess the good thing is that I will be a little better prepared for him leaving for his mission and for college.

So, Tyler...

for all of the fears you helped me face, for the fights you made me fight, for all the nights I had to wait on you and for all the times I wondered and worried about you, for all of the times I felt disappointed and for the numerous others I was filled with pride, for the times I bored you with lectures... for all the laughing and learning together, for all the funny stories and long, loooooong talks about "whether or not she liked you..." for all the good and all the bad, you have made me a better person because of your presence in my life. I knew when I met you and you were 7 years old that my life would be different because of you. You make me want to be a better mom and make me so proud that you are my son. Know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I love you Ty.

Earning her Wings...

Savannah flies to TX every summer to see her dad. Our friends, Rich and Lacee Herbert have been so awesome to fly out with her for the last couple of summers. It has helped Savannah to not be so anxious about flying with an escort. Oh and if you want to know why Rich's hat is so low on his head, you can call him and ask if you can get your hair and eyebrows cut completely off by his little 4 year old boy too!

This summer, Savannah got to fly out with Lacee. Lacee let Savannah get a teenie bopper magazine and they talked girl talk the whole time! Savannah had a total blast! I am so thankful for AMAZING friends. And Rich is so entertaining.! Love you guys!

While Lacee flew out with Savannah, I got to stay at the Ronald
McDonald house where her son Carter is receiving treatment. Ethan, Ryan ,Austin and Carter had so much fun! My boys fought over who got to sit on Ronalds lap. We opted for the face shot!

Life's a Beach...

Or at least it has been for us this summer! We are so lucky to have a dad and husband who works so hard so we can kick it on the beach all summer. Well not all summer, but we were beach bums for most of it. Here are some pics showing the happenin's!

Going, going, back back to Cali, Cali

Those are the words to an old rap song. And for a view like this, why would we not go back?

Actually here is the real reason we went back!

TJ is one of Nathans really good friends and he and his wife Vanessa are moving to New York at the end of July. They invited us to go on their family trip last year and we had so much fun that we came back for more. We had so much fun and we are going to miss them so much.

Surfer dude

Tyler rented a surfboard while we were there so he could learn how to surf. It only took him a couple of tries. What a pro. Actually this is not Tyler. It is one of the locals. The waves pretty much kicked Ty's butt, however he did get up on the board for about 10 seconds or so. But dang! he rocks the wet suit eh?


These are pictures of TJ and Vanessa's little boy Topher. Ryan can't say the "f" sound so he was calling him "Tosa" the whole time. I just started calling him "Tosa" too cuz I thought it was so cute. Ryan LOVED Toph and would take any chance he got to try and make him smile. Not hard to do! Topher is a sweet and happy boy!

Chillin in Cali...

Random pics in San Diego

He's got the whole world in his hands...

So this is Drew holding the sun up for a few more seconds. Not bad eh?

All the kiddos...

Watchin' the sunset in Cali. What an awesome bunch!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Everbody's surfin' now...

How do you not love this? It was so funny to see him shake his little booty!

Squirrel Mania...

In San Diego, there are squirrels all over the camp ground. Alecc decided he was going to catch one. So he rigged this green crate , which he propped up with a stick and put some sunflower seeds underneath. It only took him like 10 minutes to catch one. You can't see it very well but there is a very pissed off squirrell underneath the crate. Alecc just made a hat of it. (Not really but he did a freakin hilarious dance in that hat!) He is great and cheap entertainment!

I would be my brothers keeper...

Whether Ethan is taking Ryan down to the ocean to pee or taking him for a swim or showing him something cool in the water.... This is a sight I never grow tired of.

Sharin the love...

I always think that we will get an awesome family picture together on the beach. Yeah. Well anyways... I love my kids and my hubby. Some day we will rock the family pic on the beach!

What about your friends?

The kids love going to Mexico cuz we go with some of our closest friends. Some days that means family and other days we are glad that other people bring their kids across the border! The kids love to have their pic taken!

Pedi's on the beach...

So it did cost $20 bucks and I was slightly nervous about my foot fallin of after I got back to the States and the selection of colors of nail polish was limited to neon shades,but there is nothing like having someone rub your feet while you listen to the waves.... love it!

A face any mother could love...

Of course I think my kids are cute... but there is something irresistable about them when they are totally relaxed and away from the cares of the world. (Only reason Tyler is missing from the bunch is he was still in school! :( I hope I look this good relaxed... What do you think!?