Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tyler in Graduation Outfit from Savers

So I am probably just severely deprived of interaction with other people and so I find this video of Tyler highly entertaining. I just figured out how to upload video so it is kinda old but I think it is freakin hilarious... Enjoy!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Some Beach...Some where

I have not posted anything since I got back from Mexico. If I had a hammock, I could've been found swinging in it every day this week, probably sleeping. I swear, my brain is still on vacation. Most of you know I love Rocky Point. This last trip was so much fun...great weather, great company and lots and lots of MEMORIES! I will get into "memories" later. For now, just know that this was not the only beautiful sunset and yes, Ryan was barefoot most of the trip. I love the beach and the sand and 8 months is entirely too long to wait to go back!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Off we go to Mexico...

So we are off! I can't wait. We are leaving in the morning for Rocky Point! It is our last trip of the year and it is Nathan's favorite time of year as the water is warm but the air is chilly early in the morning and in the evening. I can't wait for the hot cocoa! What more could a girl want... sandcastles, hot cocoa and the sound of the waves! I think that is where we will retire. So sorry about the postless blog for awhile... I will be a posting fool when I return. Have a great week everyone! XOXOXO