Monday, December 17, 2007

Garett the Carrot

Garett turned 12 on December 10th. He just recently was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood and passed the sacrament for the first time this Sunday. We are so proud of him! He is such a good kid and we are glad he is ours! Here are 12 great things about Garett that Ethan and I could think of:

1. He does a great booty dance! Look for a video coming to the blog soon!
2. He is loving and caring. He has a tender heart. He cares about people.
3. He loves collecting things... cards, stuffed animals you name it.
4. You can't help but laugh when Garett laughs. It is so funny to see him giggle.
5. He is super organized. This makes his step mom especially proud!
6. He loves pumpkin pie like his dad!
7. Loves spending time together as a family.
8. I can ask Garett to do anything, anytime and he will do it without complaining. I am learning this is a dieing art.
9. Great baseball player! It is really fun to watch him play.
10. Garett loves video games... the little kids love it when he plays XBox with them.
11. Garett loves music and can sing most words to most songs on the radio.
12. Garett is a laid back easy going type of guy... what is not to love??


More old Farts...

Eric and Brooke Garner

Meredith and David Chapman

Cameron and Lea Heath

Are we really turning 30?

Melissa and Charlie Udy

Laura and Micah Woods

Jenna and Cory King

Nathan and Jessica Ball (Jess is not even close to turning 30. So it is only fair she looks this good!)

Louisa and Geoff Child

Just Whip it.... dun na na na na

So there are about 20 people in our ward that were born in 1977 that are all turning 30 this year so Cameron and Lea Heath threw a party in our honor. It was a totally rad bash with all our favorite snacks and even caffienated soft drinks. For the most part, we were laughing the whole time about how old we are getting. Total blast! Thanks to the Heaths for an awesome celebration!!

Sonda rockin' the side ponytail

Laura in her ripped and put back together shirt and teased hair

Part of the group chillin out

Have you ever worn a BANANA CLIP?

Eric sportin' the mullet and visiting with the other "oldies"

Sunday, December 9, 2007


These are some more pics from the "30's Party" Notice the pegged pants and socks with sandals. Were we really this dorky? Hmmmm..... :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Nathan, Nathan Bo Bathan....

....Banana fanna fo Fathan Fee fi Mo Mathan.... NATHAN!!!! (Don't act like you didn't just sing that in your head!)

Someone (BECKY SMITH :) tagged me and so this post is dedicated to someone who has more patience than any human being on the planet! My husband is amazing and when our lives settle down and we have a quiet moment.... we remember how much fun we have together and why we chose to spend FOREVER together. He is quiet and shy till you get to know him then..... he is a great discovery! He is funny and happy and can make anyone feel at ease. I love this man and am thankful that he didn't go running in those first few moments after we met!!! I love you Nathan!

What is his name: Nathan Brooks Bryce

How long have you been married - 7 years

How long did you date? 6 months from first date to wedding date

How old is he? 34

Who eats more? It depends upon the food

Who said I love you first? He would say I did...cuz I actually had to force him to marry me! I think he is embracing the idea more and more with every year we are together! TRUTH... he did. Then I called him back and we decided it was a little wierd and a little too soon... Made it even better when we really felt it.

Who is taller? Nathan

Who sings better? Nathan... All the old ladies in church used to tell him he had the voice of an angel. HE HE!!! He sang the whole song from Darby O'Gill and the little people to me over the phone when we were dating (She is my dear my darling one) I was instantly swooning....:)

Who is smarter? Depends on the subject and the day! He definitely knows alot about alot of things. I know alot about meaningless things.

Whose temper is worse? Do any of you know Nathan? Definitely me

Who does the laundry? I do but only cuz I'm OCD but he knows how and will if he runs out of scrubs (So funny Becky that our boys are like that!)

Who does the dishes? I do unless I scream at him that I need a little help

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I don't get this question... Does it mean the right side being the side on your right when you are standing looking at the bed or the right side when you are laying on the bed????It changes the answer you know...I think I just screwed myself for anyone thinking that I am smarter!

Who pays the bills? Nathan... took them over about a year ago. It is the greatest gift he has ever given me.

Who mows the lawn? I do, or the boys do. I love it though. Nathan has horrible allergies.

Who cooks dinner? I do unless I scream at him that I need a little help. This only happens a couple of times during the month... :(

Who drives when you are together? He does unless he needs to sleep... I take that back. The only time he doesn't drive is if he has medicine strong enough to knock him out!

Who is more stubborn? We both have our moments but I am too cute for him to stay mad too long...JK!!! I am as stubborn as they get (I am hoping he doesn't read that part :)

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Nathan, but only because he thinks it will make me quit giving him reasons as to why I am right AKA it will make me shut up!

Whose parents do you see the most? I think we are pretty equal on this one.

Who proposed? Me, two weeks after I met Nathan I told him I knew I was gonna marry him and if he didn't like it he better leave now. I think fear kept him around. He took care of the formalities a little later!

Who has more friends? I think this is a trick question! I am more outgoing!

Who has more siblings? Me

Who wears the pants in the family? Nathan, but my kids know that I am the boss when he is gone or when he chooses to remain silent!
I now tag: Ais, Kayrena, Kassie, Brooke, Shine and Molli!!! XOXO To all