Thursday, June 7, 2007

Go Raptors!

Garett with his trophy
With Mom and Rick
Shakin hands with Coach. The coach said a little piece about each player before he gave them their trophy. He called Garett the "slugger" of the team! What a great compliment!
Another pic with Coach

During the same time that we were preparing for Savannah's baptism and Tyler's 8th grade graduation, Garett was playing baseball and working toward being one of the teams in the championship game for little league minors. His team accomplished that goal and he participated in the championship game the same night as Tyler's graduation. It started right after...They ended up not winning but Garett did awesome, hitting his 6th homerun of the season and ending on a good note. His team was not the greatest in the beginning, but Garett persisted and worked hard and was happy with the end result. We are so proud of Garett and love to watch him play baseball. He has so much natural talent and it has been fun to watch him progress and become better and better throughout the season. Way to go Garett!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Muscle Madness

By request, Tyler has asked that I post a picture to "redeem himself" whatever that means. I think in teenager language it means to brag about how good he looks without his shirt on. We are taking a poll.....On a scale from 1-10.... how do the "dudes" rate?

Sunday, June 3, 2007

More Graduation Pictures

Tyler with all his adoring siblings
Father and son... Tyler thought he was taller than Nathan in this picture... Hmmmm.
Of course he is not thrilled about this pic....
Even more annoyed by this pic... but what can I say, They are priceless to me.
The graduate with the moms.

What happens in Mexico....

The Mango Maffia

There is nothing sexier to me than to see my husband look this relaxed. It only happens in Mexico and in the bathroom. Fortunately I only have a picture of him in Mexico!! XOXO love ya babe!
Mama Aj and Ryan playing dinosaurs in the sand.
Sandy dog pile...Savannah, Emie and Aunt Sonda
Ethan doing what he does best.... before dinner. Catherine, one of Krysta's friends, and the recipient of the massage, was perpetually glued to here sudoku book! Way to go Catherine! :)

Mexico with the Ajemans... Life is good!

Papa Aj and Ethan getting mango with lime juice and salt

Papa Ajeman and Ry-ry eating peanuts

Ryan and Dallin chillin on the beach

We walked all the way to end of the beach with Krysta and her friends and the mamas.

Ethan and Mama Aj.

One of our favorite things about Mexico is being there with the Ajeman family. We have been going down there with them for about five or six years and so the line between friends and family has grown pretty invisible! :) We love them and are so thankful for their friendship.

More Rocky Point Pictures

Three little beach angels

Eatin' at the chicken hut

Happy Birthday Ry-Ry Nolan Bryce

Ready for church in Mexico

Ice Man or Maverick? :)

More Rocky Point Pictures

Ryan's Shark Tattoo

Rocky Point Angels

Lovin on Ethan

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Savannah's Baptism

Savannah was baptized on May 19th. She looked so beautiful in the dress that her Grandma Whipple picked out for her. Her dad and the rest of her Texas Family were in town along with so many others that comprise our family dynamic. We had a brunch afterwards and it was so fun to have everyone that loves Savannah so close. It is a day that I will never forget and I know that it was memorable for Savannah. Nathan and I both had a hard time keeping our emotions in check. It was a good day and one where the plan of our Father in Heaven was so evident as one of his daughters took the first step on the way back home. We are so proud of Savannah and love her so much.

Tyler's Graduation

with Grandma Priscilla, Mom and Grandpa Ron

with Sonda and Dad

The Dudes

with Barbara and Glen Davis

With Grandma Bryce

Tyler graduated from the 8th grade on May 23rd. We had been pretty busy the week before, and so it didn't hit me until that day that he was really going on to high school. We are so proud of him and think that he is a great kid. We feel so blessed to have him as the person that all the kids look to for guidance and example... most of the time we feel blessed :) He was so cute and excited at the ceremony and there were lots of people there to support him. About a week prior to the graduation, he informed us that him and his friends AKA "the dudes" were going to wear funky outfits from Savers or DI or Goodwill. I don't know if the video clip will post, but he did a little dance like the one Jim Carrey does on Dumb and Dumber when he comes out in his orange tuxedo that made me laugh like I was gonna pee my pants. It was so funny. He ended up chickening out, but looked so handsome and we are so proud. Our baby is all grown up! We love you Tyler!


Ok... so my good friend Laura Woods "tagged" me. I had to check hers out a couple of times before I could figure out what tagged meant. Apparently, it is where you post interesting things about yourself that others may not know about you. If there are not enough interesting things about myself, I will include others about our family... since this blog is all about the BRYCE 7! Here goes.....

1. I love art. I wish that I could paint or find some other medium to express myself in besides the occasional, or not so occasional :) colorful language. My mom is very artistic and some of my kids have inherited this gift.

2. I just discovered that I LOVE MANGOES! We just got back from Mexico and they sell mangoes on the beach with lime juice, salt and chili. HOT DOG they are good!! I could spend my whole allowance on mangoes.

3. I love to stay up late. I am a bit of an insomniac. It is not unusual for me to stay up till 1 or 2 in the morning and then be a total jerk the next day for lack of sleep. I am looking in to Tylenol PM for the sake of my family.

4. I cannot stand to be cold. I have always thought it a blessing that the wicked will burn in hell, because if the wicked were going to freeze to death, I might have to change some of my bad habits FAST! I love to look at the snow and occasionally get out and sled in it only to rush back in for a big fat hot cocoa.

5. I think farting is hilarious. I hope that my dad is not reading this. We used to get in so much trouble for it and I cannot stand it when my boys do it in front of other people or in the car. But the random tooter pooter when you werent expecting it from someone who wasn't expecting it either is freakin' funny.

6. I can make my tongue into a taco. Tyler can make his tongue fat then skinny, fat then skinny... it is the weirdest thing.

7. Nathan is great at sports... it doesn't matter what he plays he plays it well... tennis, basketball, football, golf, frisbee... he can do anything. Something that not alot of people know, (including Nathan according to him) is that he is highly competitive. He likes to win. Not so that he can rub it in, but just so he can act like he doesn't care and rub it in. Can you tell that I hate to lose and have no athletic ability?

8. Ethan loves to watch the cooking channel and could probably cook up a meal or a smoothie or some biscuits from Paula Deans show better than I could.

9. Garett is a collector. He has baseball cards, figurines, sports paraphanalia, stuffed animals... the list goes on. He is also quite a fanatic about keeping them organized. This makes me very happy.

10. All of my kids and my husband and I love to play games. UNO, Poker, Life, Clue, Sequence, all of them are family favorites. Most of the kids like to win too, but they don't all have their dad's class. They can't keep the "rub it in your face" to a quite smile and giggle.

11. I am a bit of a closet eater. I have the top drawer of my night stand stocked most of the time with anything that has dark chocolate in it, saltine crackers and a few little debbie snacks. Maybe I should lock it and figure out that it could be the reason for the inability to lose weight!

12. Savannah doesn't like cheese. I don't know where the devil she gets that from. I think that is a pretty darn interesting fact.

13. Ryan has pretty much grown up taking vacations in Mexico. Where most normal people cannot stand to be covered in sand, Ryan will just lay down in it and roll around until he is comfy and then takc a little nap in the sand. There are few things that make me smile more than to see him love the beach the way I do.

OK... there you have it. Those are the things that I could think of off the top of my head. Maybe not too interesting but oh well. I want to hear Aisilyn, Julia, Mona, Molli and Sunshine's. Consider yourself TAGGED!