Friday, September 12, 2008

Thou shalt not hateth the Xbox...

So I really don't like the Xbox. But this morning while I was working on a project, I let Ryan play. He was singing while he was playing and I thought to myself..."maybe the Xbox isn't so bad." He just happened to be singing "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission."

He followed true Bryce nature by rockin' out to the tune! It is at the very end of the next clip but had me cracking up! I love this boy and the way he reminds me to take things in stride.

Today, today, work with a will...

About a month ago we had the opportunity to help clean the temple grounds on a Saturday morning as a family. The morning started out early... had to be there by 7 and this is how all the kids looked till we got there...

This is a shot of Savannah and Ryan before the work started.

Before we were assigned a job, the temple president and his wife came and talked to us and bore their testimonies. It was awesome to see them! We also sang some opening songs and had a prayer. Ryan got to help some of the kids lead the songs.

We were the trash crew. Here is Nathan pulling the cart that eventually held all the trash. I think this was the happiest Ethan was all morning!

Ryan was so happy the entire morning. He loved that we all got a pair of gloves so we didn't get gross stuff on our hands. His didn't stay on too long but he was pretty thrilled initially.

I love this picture of the little boys. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your children serve together. Ethan was very good to help Ryan steer the cart the right way.

There is no greater way to teach children than by our own example. Nathan was very serious about the work we were doing that morning. He told the kids that we should take extra care because this was the Lord's house. I am thankful for a husband who quietly leads with a strong example of what is right. All the kids wanted to work by him.

Savannah loved this part. She literally "dug" right in!

Ethan muscled through it but was glad when we were done!

Little Trooper! :)

Here is a shot of Garett, much like his dad, who worked quietly and diligently through the morning. With only a minor mishap in front of the baptismal entrance. Everyones kids fight... right?

Lead me, guide me...

Ryan and Garett... Sharin' the love!

All my kiddos minus Tyler. I couldn't stop thinking about him this whole morning and wishing he was there with us. We miss him so much.

A pic of the whole family after closing remarks and prayer. What a great opportunity and I am so thankful we could go. It gave us a greater appreciation for the feelings we have when we are on temple grounds. Those feelings are in part produced by the cleanliness of the grounds. That we were able to contribute was a humbling experience. I would love to go back!

Ethan turns 7... a month ago...

I usually make whatever the birthday boy wants for breakfast and dinner. Ethan requested pancakes and I made one in the shape of an "E" and one in the shape of a heart.

Ryan called this the smallest pancake in the world!

Ethan wanted to go to Peter Piper Pizza for his party so we took the family and went. It rained really hard on the way there and then Ethan was playing this ball game and hit the jackpot. Here he is with his winnings... nearly 500 tickets!!!

My brother in law, Scott, gave us a recipe for an ice cream cake. I tried it and it turned out so good. I think I made two more that week! Super yummy! All in all it was a great celebration of our Ethan boy. We are so proud of him and can't believe he will be getting baptized next year! Happy Birthday Ethie!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Get that "soft" feeling...

So I have to tell you that the greatest thing that has happened to me since sliced bread is SOFT WATER!! Our friend, Patrick McCabe, just started his own Plumbing Business and installed our soft water unit about 6 weeks ago. Here are the things I love most about soft water...

1. Our skin condition has improved 1000%! I no longer get out of the shower and have to immediately immerse myself in a bathtub full of baby oil.

2. We only have to use about 1/10 of the shampoo, laundry soap, dishwashing detergent and bath soap... in the words of Patrick "You literally have to pick up the soap and touch it to the places that need soap. Then you should put the soap down or you will never be able to rinse it off."

3. My hair is softer and more manageable.

4. If you opt not to put the soap down right away, you can get really slickery....:)


6. My dishes actually get clean in the dishwasher.

The list could go on and on. The point is... I love the soft water system and we think he is the best plumber ever. We have had to call him over to fix other emergent plumbing situations and let me tell you... He is sheer plumbing magic! He is super trust worthy and honest and we would highly recommend him to anyone who may need a plumber or who just wants to join the cool soft water club. You can contact him at: 480-250-1801 or check out their website at: We will have a link to their site on our blog. Happy Softening!