Monday, April 27, 2009

Double Digits Baby!

Savannah Turns 10!! We had a very low key but fun day on Savannah's birthday. She had one of her really good friends, Cambree come over and we went to Peter Piper Pizza. It was really fun!

10 reasons we LOVE and ADORE Savannah... we are so glad she is ours!

1. She is so good with little kids
2. She has an infectious laugh...
3. She is great at sports and gymnastics.
4. She can sing and dance with the best of them.
5. She is pretty organized.
6. She is a great student.
7. She has a great memory and can remember lots of things I say that I have no recollection of ever saying.
8. She reminds us to do the things that are right. Loves Family Home Evening.
9. She knows how to make others feel at ease.
10. She is my only daughter and I am so thankful to have a little girl to dress up and do girl things with. I am the luckiest mom on the planet.

Monday, April 13, 2009

What do you remember about the Easter story?

Found this in my old drafts... shoulda posted it then but never got around to it.... wierd. Thought it was too funny not to share. I promise not to tell on the parents whose kids made these AWESOME comments.

Nathan teaches the almost 6 year olds in Primary. (CTR 6) He had to work Saturday night before Easter and so I told him I would teach his class. After reviewing the pictures and the accounts from the scriptures about the Easter story, we passed an Easter egg around and asked everyone what they remembered about the story. One little boy said, "... I know the erection!" We had to practice saying RESSURECTION several times after that! Another little boy remembered that the three women took stuff to put with Jesus' body so it wasn't smelly. When I asked him if he remembered what "stuff" they took, he said... "Ummmm... Pepper?" I think that was the only "spice" that he could think of!

"It's a chumbucket bucket hat!"

My kids were getting ready for bed the night before Easter after coloring eggs. We had bought these cool sand buckets for Easter baskets thinking we could reuse them in Mexico later. So my creative kids put them on their head and Ethan came up with the name "Chumbucket Bucket Hat" I am sure that it is Spongebob inspired... I don't know. But they thought it was hilarious and I couldn't quit laughing. Garett was not thrilled to take the picture but is always a good sport. Hope everyone had a great Easter.

Cousin Time

My little sister Molli is prego and has had some kidney issues during her pregnancy. Crappy for her... fun for me! I got to keep her two kiddos while she was in the hospital gettin hopped up on some sweet stuff. It was a blast and my kids were thankful to get to spend some time with Brynlee and Brennan.

Playin' out in the backyard

Harriet Potter

Peace My Brutha

Like a mom on crack...

So I think it is the white trash in me that loves to hit the Dollar Tree Store every time I pass it. It is like a drug... Even if I have been there in the last 12 hours, I think to myself that there could be something new and totally in the "that is an amazing deal" catagory. I also love the library... I love to read and I love books! So my friend Laura and I went a couple weeks ago and combined the library trip with the Dollar Tree trip. We thought it was fun and so the next week we invited our friend Brooke. On the morning of the trip, we all ended up with extra kids. It was funny to see all the car seats and all the other kids sort of thinking about buckling up... I know, I know! I am a stinky mom. It was totally my kid unbuckled in the back of Laura's van. It was still pretty funny when we made them pose for a pic outside the library.

Then we talked about attempting the lure of the Dollar Tree and decided that we could handle it...It was still kinda funny when we loaded all of them in 3 different carts and headed in to the store.

There was no amount of caffeine that could cure how dumb I thought we were to take 13... read the numbers people... 13 kids into the Dollar Tree. Ahhhh...the memories!

Are you worthy of the "Black Shirt?"

This post is way late, but when I took the picture, I knew that it would be something I wanted to blog about because I was so proud of Garett. On his football team this season, the players had an opportunity during practice to earn the "black jersey." It was just a plain black jersey that they wore over their regular practice gear. It could be earned for showing great dedication, hard work, hard hits, always hustling... you get the idea. Well, the guy who earned it got to keep it until another player stepped up and showed crazy awesomeness. Garett was one of 4 players to earn the black jersey and held it for the most consecutive days! He is a total stud! At the awards ceremony at the end of the year, the 4 players who earned the black jersey were presented with these cool black shirts to signify their hard work and dedication to the team! I am so proud of Garett. He is a great kid and I LOVE HIM TONS! Way to go Garett!