Monday, May 10, 2010

"Ummm Mom...."

Any story that starts with those words, I only really half listen to. I know that might make me a crappy mom. On Friday morning, with one eye open, I was washing dishes, making lunches and trying to encourage the little boys to hurry and get dressed after their shower. Then, Ryan comes out of my room and starts with "Umm Mom..." and proceeds to tell this elaborate story. As I said before, I was only half listening until at the end of the story I hear "...and then there was blood..." I don't know what else he said. I walked into my room where Ethan was sitting on the floor in his skivies with his eye all bloody and it was dripping onto his leg. Ryan is giving me this really sad look and he too is only in his skivies. So I tell him to tell me what happened. Long story short...Ryan is laying on the ground, Ethan steps on his leg and tells him if he wants him to get off, to yank his arm as hard as he can. So he does and pulls Ethan right into the corner of my bed. KerSplit!

So I tell Ryan to go get his clothes on and then get Nathan out of the shower to look at Ethans eye. Nathan has to go to work and so we get Ryan and Savannah on the bus and head to the ER. 2 hours and a day off school with a McDonalds breakfast is Ethan!

Such a sad face, but I think he would take a split eye for a day of Xbox and take out any day of the week. Gotta love raising boys!

Growing Up

Savannah has recently had a birthday (11!!! ALREADY!!!) and also had the opportunity to participate in a show with her gymnastics group. She is pretty amazing and is always making up plays and routines with anyone who will let her boss them around...her brothers, the neighbor get the idea. So it was no big deal when she had to make up her own routine for the show. All I can say is that pride filled my heart as she performed. She was so graceful even though she was a bit nervous. I cried because I was so proud but also because the routine was so beautiful. My sis in law recorded it and I am hoping to get it posted soon. Until then, here are some pictures of her (had to steal one from Grandma Whipples blog cuz it was such a great shot! Thx Grandma! :) She had great support from Grandma and Grandpa Whipple who came from Mesa, Grandma Bryce and Grandma Priscilla. Aunt Jenni and Aunt Chelsea were there too with some of the kids. Ethan and Ryan came but RyRy didn't last through the whole thing! We just all love her so much and I am so glad that she is finding things she excels at and tries hard to get better and better. I love her so much!

Here are some pics of the little party we had for Savannah for her birthday.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Amazing Women

I was priveleged to spend a whole week with women who inspire me and lift me up and just make me want to be a better me. I am still running on the high from last week and happened to run across this video on another friends blog. I am constantly amazed by the women in my life. Though I do not know the woman in this video, I found this video touching and really beyond words. Our influence as mothers is always more far reaching than we think. To all the "lovely ladies" in my life, especially on this weekend dedicated to mothers, know that I am grateful for your influence in my life.