Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What the...? I have the worst luck!

So I have to explain....

My friend Lori and I have a standing date every Wednesday night to watch Project Runway. So I had to run somewhere real quick and I haven't been driving the Excursion much lately. Needless to say, her car was behind the Excursion... she wasn't really hurt, but this makes for a great picture!

So I didn't have a flashlight at the house and we needed one to check out the real damage. I had initially been on my way to my friends house anyway (Brooke and Eric Garner) so I figured I would inconspicuously borrow a flashlight from them. They came to help remove the last thread of bumper that was hanging on and thought it would be funny for Nathan to come home to this.

I am honestly wondering if my luck will ever change or if I will keep finding bullshit ways to spend $500 every few months. I need to figure out about 500 ways to say "I'm sorry... " really quick!