Monday, November 8, 2010

I fought the dog and the dog won...

So my top 3 scary things:
1. Dogs
2. Mice
3. Snakes

I had not been running in a while and had had a particularly bad day. So I decided to take it to the pavement. The run was great until this piece of crap dog came out and bit the shiz out of my calf while I was running. Luckily I finished my run and the dog ended up being quarantined for a week, just to make sure I wouldn't end up rabid. Lets just say...faced my fear. Next time, I will kick him right in the baby maker.


Kayrena said...

Okay so I would use that as a perfect excuse to no longer go running. . .sorry can't run I get attacked by dogs guess I'll just have to be fat!! Ha ha, I'm glad you're okay!

Alex & Whitney said...

omg dog bites are the worst!!! I got bit by one of my friends dogs on my Bday a couple years ago and I still will not take Reef to thier house.